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For Chord organ, Keyboard, piano or guitar.
Yamaha, Casio, technic piano and keyboard music.

Piano and keyboard lead sheets

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All 2400 songs come in PDF format. More than 75% of them have lyrics.
There are songs by the Beatles, the BeeGees, Abba, Elvis Presley, Elton John and many other
famous artistes. Latin, Ballroom, Country, Blue grass, Pop, Jazz, Golden oldies and Modern.
100 religious songs - all with lyrics. Plus a midi file for each song. And Karaoke software.

With the karaooke software you can listen to all the songs and learn the lyrics.

Download a PDF reader - - Here.

See index of most pop and xmas songs

Index of religious songs Here.

Samples of Music pdf
He'll have to go. PDF. Click to view

Hell have to go. Play Midi file.

Feelings pdf. Click to view.
Feelings midi. Click to play.

I want to be with Jesus. View PDF file
Play midi file.

All songs are copyright their respective owners and for your personal use only.

The index is a list of 1,650 printable songs with lyrics. Plus about 350Pdf songs without the lyrics, suitable for chord piano, keyboard and guitar. Plus 50 christmas songs and 100 religious songs in Pdf format.
That's over 2000 songs for keyboard or guitar.

New songs added September 2015
75 new songs added. All with lyrics and midi/kar files.

Another 55 songs added 29th. January 2016
Include classical piano pieces with chords.

Most of the PDF files contain 2 or more pages.
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You decide how much from $1.00 upwards.
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Before you donate here are 10 free songs for you to try.
All in PDF format and with midi files.
Download here.

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